Premium dental service

Premium dental service

Dental Center Sarajevo is a pioneer of dental tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. What makes our service special is a unique approach to dental treatments that consist of a fully-arranged trip to Sarajevo, including a private chauffeur, accommodation, specialised dental treatment and tailor-made trips around the country whilst the treatment is ongoing.

Dental treatment

Dental treatment

We care about your health. Our specialist will take care of you best way possible and change your smile forever. With cutting-edge technology and contemporary techniques, the best dental service is ahead of you. Learn more

Featured dental procedures

Featured dental procedures

Dental Center Sarajevo offers wide range of dental services/treatments with an aim to give you the most beautiful smile 

Dental implants

Most popular dental treatment in the world of dental tourism

Dental crowns

Longlasting and practical dental restoration technique for everybody

Dental veneers

Improving aesthetics and functionality, dental veneer is a practical and easy treatment

Travel in-between treatment

While your treatment is ongoing, enjoy the trip around Bosnia and Herzegovina with your chauffeur. Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the best-kept secrets in Europe when it comes to natural beauty. We will help you experience the best of what our country has to offer.

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