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Luxury accommodation

Premium dental service deserves luxury accommodation with it. That is our motto and for what we at Dental Center Sarajevo strive for.

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Accommodation in Sarajevo

Since accommodation is the main pillar of an unforgettable stay, we have put huge effort to ensure our guests have the best accommodation possible.

Our accommodation partner is Hotel Aziza located in the historic centre of Sarajevo. Imagine being in a short vicinity of Baščaršija square which is the oldest square in Sarajevo and it is the oldest part of the city. That is the most important part of our city and we did our best to ensure our guests are accommodated in the most important part of the city.

That is not the only reason. We picked our partners with care and we can guarantee that Hotel Aziza’s staff is fully devoted to guests and they provide exceptional service and we think that is the most important part of genuine guest satisfaction.

That is the main reason why they are our main partner when it comes to our guest accommodation.

Rooms elegance

Hotel Aziza offers you modern rooms with air-conditioning. LCD television, minibar and its own bathroom.

Studio apartments

Studio apartments have three beds and one can combine one king-size bed plus one single bed or three separate beds,

At your service

If you are looking for another kind of accommodation or you need a consultation, feel free to contact us and we will provide you an offer that suits your needs the most.

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