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What is dental tourism? Best dental vacation in 2022

Dental tourism is a way of travelling along with getting a dental treatment. Check out our proposition for the best all inclusive dental vacation.

What is dental tourism?

What is dental tourism? Dental tourism is a temporary stay in another country with the objective to have dental treatment abroad. Since some dental procedures can last more than a day, clinics that offer dental tourism services will provide you with a treatment, accommodation and travel package for your time in-between treatments.

Dental tourism is a part of a term called medical tourism and it is gaining popularity in recent years. In most countries, dental treatments that go beyond tooth filling or extraction covered by public health, are usually expensive. Therefore, if you are in need of dental services with an aim to improve the cosmetic aspect of your smile (dentures, crowns, whitening etc.), you will be probably searching for a private dentistry clinic.

History of Dental tourism

There is no proven record when did dental tourism start, however we can deduct a conclusion that it started back in times when people travelled in order to get help from renowned doctors. Besides, tourism as an industry has officially started in 17th century, so in conclusion – dental tourism is a term most likely to be assigned to the modern century.

Dental vacation practices

People from all around the world are in need of different dental services, many of them seeking prices that fit their budget. Usually, the most popular countries for dental tourism are the ones with low costs of living. If you wonder why it is like that, we will explain in a brief.

Low cost of life means lower costs of services, therefore for people travelling from countries with higher costs of living, services like dental treatments will be significantly more affordable thus they would have an option to travel and enjoy during the treatment.

With that in mind, the best country for dental tourism is Bosnia and Herzegovina and if you read further, you will acknowledge the fact soon.

Why choose dental vacation?

Is dental vacation right for me? To better understand if a dental vacation fits your lifestyle, we will point out some factors that might be of high importance in this matter.

Factors in mind when planning a dental vacation:

Make sure you have enough vacation time since dental treatments can vary in terms of the duration of certain procedures.

Most important is for sure, the amount of money you will be willing to pay for your perfect smile. Think thoroughly, do not choose services that are too cheap – otherwise, you will not get quality and most of the time, it will be money spent badly.

For your dental vacation to go smoothly, you need to have patience since dental treatments come with unknown possible consequences like inflammation, so you need to be patient all the way until the treatment ends if you do now want it to be a negative experience.

This type of service will adjust all the factors just for you. Very important is to have a private driver who will take you to see some beautiful destinations since during the treatment your smile will not be looking great (example: travelling with temporary crowns, teeth prepared before the treatment..) and that is why this type of service comes as dental vacation package most likely all inclusive so it is tailor-made for you.

Best country for dental tourism - Bosnia and Herzegovina

What is the best country for dental tourism? Bosnia and Herzegovina is the best country for dental tourism because the low cost of life directly affects the low cost of dental services and its proximity to the most developed countries determines the level of quality dental services and skilled dentists.


It is certainly one of the cheapest countries for dental work in Europe, but we assure you the top dental destination in 2022. In Sarajevo, the capital, prices of dental treatments are below the European average but the quality is unquestionable. In the last 15 years, expats from Bosnia and Herzegovina are choosing to do their dental treatments in Sarajevo and with this in mind dental travel is a very popular term and practice.


As we mentioned before, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country located in Europe. Why is this important? As dentistry is a part of medicine, a big role in the quality of dental services has education. European education standards are set high and being geographically close to the most developed countries in the world, makes the very quality dental industry.

Dental tourism - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dental travel - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dental vacation in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the so-called “Jerusalem of Europe” because it has a mixture of cultures, religions and long and interesting history.


Throughout the time, it was firstly a part of the Bosnian Kingdom, later on, was conquest by Austro – Hungarian forces, Ottoman Empire, suffered from World wars and the last event was the war in the ’90s. All that history in one city!


A dental vacation in Sarajevo is a great option for everybody who loves to learn about the rich history of foreign countries, or just perfect for nature lovers. Dental holiday packages include travelling around Bosnia and Herzegovina during the treatment, visiting wonderful waterfalls, green nature parks, and places of historical importance…

All inclusive dental vacation

You may have heard of all inclusive travel packages, but have you heard of all inclusive dental vacation? We prepared dental holiday packages that include a private driver to pick you up from the airport, dental appointment and treatment with high-quality doctors, comfortable and luxury accommodation and on top of all that – a guide to the most beautiful destinations.


All our all inclusive dental vacation packages are tailor-made for our customers. That means that we make a customised itinerary for each one of our clients due to different needs, procedures and treatments.

Dental Center Sarajevo is a pioneer in Dental tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through our blogs, we want to raise awareness of the importance of dental tourism, dental treatments, dental procedures and dental health in general.


Our service is a unique opportunity for anyone who likes to travel but is as well in need to improve dental health. All inclusive dental vacation packages are uncommon and we pride ourselves as the clinic that offers premium dental service to our clients and above all, offers an unforgettable experience.


If you are in need of dental treatment make sure to contact us and we will get back to you with a tailor-made offer that will suit your needs and will improve your quality of life with a perfect smile.


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